Hide Your Electronics Remotes and Cables

Looking for a solution to all the remotes cluttering up your coffee tables? Use adhesive-backed hook-and-loop strips to attach them to the underside. Your remotes will always be right where you left them, and you’ll never have to worry about the clutter on top of your tables again.

There is a low voltage, flat wire available for most electronics. It comes with an adhesive backing to stick to your walls. Attach them to your wall using the adhesive and spread joint compound over the wires. Let it dry and then paint it to match the color of your walls. It can turn wires invisible while also keeping them off of the floor and untangled.

In rooms with carpet already installed, try tucking the wires between the carpet and the baseboard. Use a stir stick or a ruler to gently push wires into place. Don’t use anything sharp that might puncture the insulation.

Hiding wires and remotes keeps your rooms neat, without feeling like they’re being taken over by electronics.