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Septic & Well Inspections Dayton Ohio Septic and Well SystemSeptic & Well Inspections Dayton Ohio

A “septic system,” also referred to as a private, on-site waste disposal system, receives waste water and solids from a home’s plumbing facilities (bathrooms, kitchens, shower, laundry), treats, and then disposes of the effluent from this waste, by letting it absorb into soils at the property. Schedule your Septic & Well Inspections Dayton Ohio with Accutech Home Inspections today!

Properly designed and installed these systems are functional and sanitary. Private septic systems serve more homes in the U.S. and many other countries than any other waste disposal method. But the components are costly and do not have an indefinite life.

Septic effluent treatment is accomplished by bacterial action in the “septic” or “treatment” tank and it is mostly accomplished by bacteria in the soil around and below the effluent absorption system, or “drain field.” This bacterial action is needed to reduce the level of pathogens in the effluent discharges from the waste system into the soil. The principal components of a private on-site waste disposal system usually include the following:

  • Piping connecting the building to the treatment tank
  • A septic or treatment tank which retains solid waste
  • Piping connecting and conducting clarified effluent from the treatment tank to a distribution box
  • Distribution box connecting the effluent line from the tank to the absorption system or “drain field”
  • Absorption system which permits effluent to drain to soils below
  • Bio-mat or bio-mass of pathogen-digesting bacteria which forms in soil below the absorption system.
  • Many variations on this general scheme are used, depending on local climate, soil conditions, available space, economy, and available materials.

In order for the septic system to be checked, the house must have been occupied within the last 30 days.

Here’s a great pamphlet from the EPA “A Homeowner’s Guide To Septic Systems“.

Why Do Septic Systems Malfunction?

Septic Systems Maintenance – Know what to do to keep you septic system in good working order.

Ohio Septic Systems Requirements – Know what changes Ohio has recently enacted for septic systems.

Septic Tank/Soil Treatment for Rural Ohio homes – Another great pamphlet for rural homes.

Items That Do Not Belong In A Septic Tank

Cat Litter, Kitty Litter ~ Never
Chemicals – Ammonia, Bleach, Detergents (excess), Drain Cleaners (excess), Epsom Salts ~ Never
Cigarettes, cigarette butts, cigarette filters ~ Better Not
Clothes dryer sheets ~ Never
Coffee grounds ~ Never
Condoms ~ Never
Cooking Oil ~ Better Not
Cotton Swabs, Dental Floss ~ Better Not
Diapers, baby-wipes ~ Never
Dirt ~ Never
Drugs, Antibiotics, Perscription Medicines ~ Never
Fats, Oil, Grease ~ Better Not
Food Scraps, Ground Food ~ Better Not
Hair ~ Better Not
Laundry Detergent – excessive ~ Better Not
Liquor, Whiskey ~ Better Not
Motor oil ~ Never
Panty Liners ~ Never
Paper Towels ~ Never
Pesticides ~ Never
Photo Chemicals ~ Better Not
Plastic bags ~ Never
Sanitary napkins ~ Never
Swimming pool chemicals ~ Never
Tampons ~ Better Not
Trash, Toys & Scrap ~ Never
Washing Machine Lint ~ Better Not
Water in large quantities ~ Never

Water Quality & Quantity

A water quantity test, also called a well flow rate, is done to see if the private well is producing a minimum of five gallons per minute (GPM), and should maintain that quantity for a period of at least 45 minutes.

Examples of Water Quality Indicators:

Total Coliforms

Coliform bacteria are microbes found in the digestive systems of warm-blooded animals, in soil, on plants, and in surface water. These microbes typically do not make you sick; however, because microbes that do cause disease are hard to test for in the water, “total coliforms” are tested instead. If the total coliform count is high, then it is very possible that harmful germs like viruses, bacteria, and parasites might also be found in the water.
Fecal Coliforms / Escherichia coli (E. coli)

Fecal coliform bacteria are a specific kind of total coliform. The feces (or stool) and digestive systems of humans and warm-blooded animals contain millions of fecal coliforms. E. coli is part of the fecal coliform group and may be tested for by itself. Fecal coliforms and E. coli are usually harmless. However, a positive test may mean that feces and harmful germs have found their way into your water system. These harmful germs can cause diarrhea, dysentery, and hepatitis. It is important not to confuse the test for the common and usually harmless WQI E. coli with a test for the more dangerous germ E. coli O157:H7.

The pH level tells you how acidic or basic your water is. The pH level of the water can change how your water looks and tastes. If the pH of your water is too low or too high, it could damage your pipes, cause heavy metals like lead to leak out of the pipes into the water, and eventually make you sick.

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