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Accutech Southwest inspection provide Over $100,000 Free Warranty Coverage
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Experienced and Licensed Home Inspectors in Dayton Ohio

Certified Home Inspectors in Daytona Ohio Offering Comprehensive Inspections to assure Safety and Habitability.

Tony Burk, Accutech Home Inspections Company’s owner and chief inspector
Accutech home inspections started in 2004. Tony’s goal was to give all of Southwest Ohio access to high-quality, affordable, and easy to understand home inspections. It is an aim the company still aspires to — and one each employee takes pride in reaching after Tony has them go through extensive home inspector training.  Accutech also requires that all employees take professional development and continuing education courses that are over and above the minimum standards that are required for Ohio Home Inspectors.

“Once you’re a client, you’re always a client: you can get in touch to ask questions for as long as you own your home. We support our clients, before, during, and after the inspection.”  Tony’s commitment to service can be seen in his 5 Star Google Reviews given by over 500 happy clients.

Over the last 18 years, Accutech’s referrals and business base has grown and expanded to include service areas in the Cin-day corridor, Southwest Ohio Areas to include Beavercreek, Westchester and Oakwood areas. In 2021 Accutech announced the launch of Accutech Environmental to the portfolio as well.  You can count on Accutech for the BEST Southwest Ohio home inspections as well as pest control and environmental services for your home!

Tony Burk

Tony Burk

President of Accutech Inspections

What We Inspect

The standard Dayton Home Inspection includes an assessment of every major system in the home including:
  • Attic
  • Roof
  • Exterior
  • Plumbing
  • Foundations
  • Ventilation
  • Insulation
  • Electrical
  • Heating/cooling
  • Mechanical systems and more

Certifications from our team of home inspectors in Dayton Ohio

inter nahci certified
internachi cmi
CPI expert
honor hurantee

Infrared Technology

Accutech’s infrared technology is the next best thing: Infrared detects tiny but crucial differences in temperature throughout a house, including behind the walls, beneath the floors, and beyond ceilings.

Sewer Scope Inspection

Sewer scope inspections as part of your Southwest Ohio home inspection are important as they allow access to the inside of your sewer pipes to check for cracks, leaks and obstructions. This is the first step in maintaining a healthy plumbing system!

Indoor Air Quality Testing

Air quality testing detects pollutants and particles that may not be visible or detectable by smell, yet can wreak havoc. Knowing what’s in the air you’re breathing can help keep you healthy and safe. It’s essential to test, remediate, and retest to secure the air you breathe at home.

Water Quality and Quantity testing

Well Q&Q testing is vital to knowing the condition of your water supply. Quality testing should be done at least yearly.

Lifetime Recallchek On All Appliances

What are the three basic safety concerns during the home inspection? Do home Inspectors check the fridge? What about other appliances?  Accutech Home Inspections does! When an appliance is recalled by the manufacturer, how are you notified of the potential safety hazards of these appliances? This is where RecallChek comes in. With this amazing service, you will be notified when any of your home appliances have been recalled. Within 48 hours of your completed home inspection, you will receive a free recall report as well as monthly updates for as long as you’d like. You can also add appliances to your monthly report as you upgrade your current home equipment.

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Accutech 5 Star Google Reviews - Best Inspections in Dayton Ohio

bryan scott
bryan scott
Brendon was extremely thorough and very knowledgeable and helpful throughout the process. I would recommend Accutech to anyone and I will be using them again in the future for home inspections!
Marshall Long
Marshall Long
This team did a great job of communicating and keeping me informed of the progress. They were able to find several major hidden issues quickly during this inspection, to the point where we decided it was not advisable to proceed. The money spent on the inspection saved me many future headaches, and money. The inspector was honest and up front to point out the issues before proceeding.
Derick Latimer
Derick Latimer
Great experience. Professional, thorough, and personable.
Angela Harden
Angela Harden
Great experience very friendly and knowledgeable kept me informed. I would highly recommend them. Sent me emails to help remind us. Reports easy to read and follow.
Brandon Sorrell
Brandon Sorrell
Brendon was very personal and very helpful in making understand the inspection. Not only was he very thorough with explaining everything, he did it in terms you can understand. I would highly recommend this company.
Joel Griessel
Joel Griessel
Great experience! The inspector was efficient and did a thorough walk through with us. In addition, he was patient and gave detailed answers to each of our questions. The after inspection report was also very detailed with pictures to explain each comment. We will happily refer them to anyone.
anne haye
anne haye
I have worked with Accutech on many real estate transactions and all my clients are very complementary of their professionalism, attention to detail, and communication (quick response time also). Highly rated inspection company, and VERY great to work with!

Ancillary Services From Accutech Home Inspectors In Dayton Ohio

home inspections

Home Inspections

Checks for potential environmental hazards

Checks for potential environmental hazards

Mice and other pest inspections

WDO inspections

Carbon monoxide tests

Carbon monoxide tests

Over $240,000 in Covered Claims,Discounts And Recalled Appliance Repairs Free For Clients Of Accutech Home Inspections.

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Licensed Dayton Home Inspections Serving the Whole Southwest Ohio

At Accutech Home Inspections, we are a reputable and dependable home inspection company with top-rated certified Dayton home inspectors. We provide you with an honest, thorough, and complete assessment of your home. Our reports are clear and comprehensive, covering every area of the property.

Accutech Home Inspections is considered one of the top Dayton home inspection companies in Southwest Ohio. This is thanks to the extensive training and certifications that set us apart from the competition.

Contact Us for a Comprehensive Home Inspection in Dayton, Ohio

As a trusted Dayton home inspection company, Accutech Home Inspections strives to deliver an outstanding report along with excellent customer service. Call us at 937-344-4663 for the best home inspection in Dayton, OH and surrounding areas.

Why Choose Our Certified Home Inspectors In Dayton Ohio?

State-of-the-Art Tech

To create accurate reports, we use moisture meters, mold testing devices, gas detectors, FLIR cameras, and VOC testing.

Affordable Pricing

We offer the most competitive rates in Dayton and the surrounding Southwest area.

100% Guarantee

We aim for complete customer satisfaction and stand behind our work. Please contact our office as soon as possible if you are not satisfied with our report for any reason.



All of our home inspectors in Dayton Ohio are ATI & NACHI certified. In addition, we thoroughly evaluate all of our recruits and encourage existing staff members to keep up to date with accreditation.

Detailed Reports

We are certified home inspectors in Dayton Ohio who take pride in generating the most detailed reports with images.