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The reslts of Infrared services Dayton OhioSchedule your Infrared services Dayton Ohio Today! Accutech Home Inspections is the only inspection company in Dayton that uses infrared thermography with every inspection!

INFRARED TECHNOLOGY – The ability to “SEE” into walls, ceilings, and floors.

Imagine if you had Superman’s power to “see” through walls. Accutech’s infrared imaging technology is the next best thing: Infrared detects tiny but crucial differences in temperature throughout a house, including behind the walls, beneath the floors and beyond ceilings.

These temperature variations often reveal “invisible” problems concealed from the naked eye, including hidden moisture intrusion, roof and plumbing leaks, faulty wiring, energy loss, missing insulation, ventilation problems, structural concerns and moisture related to termite infestations.

Most of these problems will go undetected in an ordinary visual inspection. But with an Accutech infrared home inspection, our inspectors can easily and quickly scan the house and pinpoint these concerns, providing you with additional vital information that competitors simply can’t offer.

This is fast becoming one of the quickest growing infrared technology applications. More and more home owners are realizing the importance afforded them from an infrared home inspection. From seeing what you are getting in a new home purchase, to finding current home problems in making corrective action determinations and cost decisions, to knowing how and where you need to make improvements in cutting down your fuel bills making your home as efficient as possible. Realizing infrared can do this for you and show you actual images of exactly where you need to spend money and resources makes an infrared home inspection very appealing to knowledgeable home owners. And more and more home owners are becoming knowledgeable about infrared’s benefits.

As the home owner, an Infrared Test this will allow you to:

• Locate and document heat loss and cold air infiltration in walls, ceilings, floors, doors and windows
• Inspect the condition of the electrical, mechanical and roof
• Systems for maintenance and efficiency
• Locate water intrusion or moisture problems
• Determine the probability of pest infestation
• Quickly assess the possibility of mold contaminants
• Provide you with accurate temperature measurements
• Provide you the visible images of your infrared inspection to use for documentation and corrective action decisions

Infrared Services Dayton Ohio Benefits:

• ‘Seeing’ where the problems are….visually
• Knowing exactly where problem location areas are which would not have been found as easily or quickly using conventional inspection methods
• Knowing which corrective actions are actually necessary
• Being able to prioritize for any necessary actions or repairs
• Using an advanced technology application to provide you with the valuable knowledge needed in making decisions when spending money on your home
• Competitive pricing, comparable to regular home inspections, and infrared shows you more
• You get to ‘see’ your home as you’ve never seen it, in infrared!

Use your infrared home inspection for:

• Pre-purchase
• Construction stages inspections
• Locating missing, damaged and wet insulation
• Moisture, electrical, mechanical, and roof inspections
• Assessment of your homes health – do you have mold?
• To improve your homes efficiency and its personal comfort

Dayton Home Inspector Tony BurkAccutech Home Inspections LLC provides the greater Dayton Ohio area with inspection services using with the knowledge and experience gained from inspecting thousands of homes throughout southwestern Ohio. We were the first in Dayton to also use an Infrared Thermography camera as part of every home inspection. We are a Level 1 SIRC Thermographer. We help clients by informing them to the conditions of the house which may include hidden problems. Accutech Home Inspections LLC is a trusted Home Inspection company that provides WDI inspections, chimney inspections, well quality and quantity testing, Radon testing, and are CRMI and CCMI certifed for mold and indoor air quality testing. Choosing the right home inspector can be almost as important as choosing the right home. Why? Because many homes – even new ones – have defects that you may not notice. A skilled Home Inspection Professional such as Accutech Home Inspections LLC has the training and experience needed to look for visual signs of defects in your new home. These defects, if not detected and repaired prior to closing, can cost you, the new homeowner, thousands of dollars in repair bills. It is very important to know the true condition of the house, so you can determine its true value to you. I will not make the buying decision for you, but the inspection can provide you with the information needed to make the decision wisely. You will want to know: How many problems? How serious are the problems? What will it cost to correct them? and do I absolutely need to correct the problems or can I live with them?

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