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Mold inspection and testing is the process of detecting mold in your home. Acuutech is one of the best for Mold Inspection in Southwest Ohio. In some cases, mold tests also determine what kind it is, such as black mold. In most cases, a mold test is not required if you can see mold. However, some states have regulations about mold testing and inspections to prevent fraud and keep consumers safe.
A professional mold inspection includes not only sampling but also a comprehensive visual inspection to detect issues and problems related to mold that are not apparent to most people without training in building sciences and mold inspections. Mold is everywhere. Yes, all homes have small amounts of mold.

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What are the Types of Mold Tests

There are several tests used to detect a mold problem. Regardless of the type of test, samples are analyzed to identify the concentration of mold in the air and the amount of mold growing in your home. Unfortunately, mold contamination is rarely consistent. As a result, each sample or test could return a different level of concentration.

  • Air Quality Tests:
    An air quality test is one method of detecting mold in your home. While an air quality test will identify the concentration of mold spores in the air, it does not guarantee you actually have mold. Mold spores exist naturally in the air, so it is common for them to appear on an air quality test. However, an air quality test can be helpful in identifying a mold problem if you already have other signs of mold.
  • Surface Tests:
    Mold surface tests use swabs or tape to collect samples from hard surfaces like walls and cabinets. This test will determine the extent of your mold problem. However, they are usually done on surfaces that already show visible signs of mold growth. Since you can already see the problem, this kind of test is only necessary when you need scientific proof of mold.
  • Bulk Testing:
    Bulk tests determine the concentration of mold inside a material, like a wall. Since they involve cutting out a small piece of material, bulk tests are best at detecting mold inside walls or in areas with low visibility. However, knowing the mold concentration doesn’t change the removal process.
  • Culture Tests:
    Culture tests are done alongside other mold tests to determine the exact kind of mold you have. Although a culture test is required in some cases, knowing the type of mold doesn’t change how it is removed.

Reasons to Get Mold Sampling

Mold can be a home’s worst enemy if left unchecked. Mold can spread across and pose a serious threat to the inhabitants’ health and the building’s structural integrity. Mold grows in places with excess moisture and can be caused by various factors.

Each investigation will include

  • Determination of mold or toxic mold infestation
  • Cause of the mold
  • Extent of the mold
  • Air sampling (spore traps, culture traps)
  • Surface sampling (tape lift, sterile swabs, contact plate) and tape lift sampling
  • Wall Check Cassettes
  • Carpet Check Cassettes
  • Delivery of a mold report
Carpet Check Cassettes
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