Are you looking for a new bike storage solution? Shelf brackets intended to hold closet poles can actually work spectacularly as bike holders. These brackets usually consist of a triangular frame with a hook that extends outward. One of the best aspects of using these shelves for your bike is that they are small, light, and easy to move if you ever need to reconfigure your storage. They’re also available in many different colors, so you can create a fully customized bike rack.

Install the shelf brackets on the wall you want to use for storage, and make sure they have secure anchors. Try to screw them into the wall studs for the sturdiest hold. Once you install the shelves, you can attach felt strips to the hooks so they won’t scratch your bike when you put it in storage. Hook-and-loop strips will also work. Depending on how many bikes you want to store, you may be able to install a smaller second set of hooks below the first one for a child’s bike or smaller bike.